Gemini Security team

Who We Are

"Safety Is More Important Than Convenience"

Richard Golding founded Gemini Security Team in 2019, having spent the previous 13 years working in diverse areas of the security sector. These included everything from retail, internal CCTV and mobile patrols, to festivals and crowd control. Since then, Gemini has quickly grown and earned a reputation for cost effective solutions to individual client needs and requirements.

We currently work with a variety of NHS Trusts providing guards and supporting duties at a COVID-19 testing centre. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis we have also been working closely with the homeless assisting in hostels in major UK cities. We also supply security for colleges and Universities in the South West region. In addition to this we offer services for festivals and other public or private events.

Professional and courteous continuity is key to our clients, and is how we build excellent relationships with them, tailoring our services to their needs.

Why Hire Us?

Peace Of Mind

By hiring our professional security guards, you will have peace of mind from knowing that that your business, employees, and customers are in good hands.  Our excellent security guards can handle any situation that you require, and will take care of any concerns that you may have. They are also proactive, preforming their own health and safety checks and risk assessments.

Crime Prevention

Our top notch security guards are perfect for crime prevention. They will act as a highly visible deterrent to any would-be criminals. Having a physical, on the ground presence is one of the most effective measures for the protection of premises, customers and employees. Our diverse services will be able to meet any of your security requirements.

Real-time Monitoring

Using a variety of methods, from security cameras to manned guards, we are able to monitor situations immediately as they develop. Our highly trained and proactive team will spot any suspicious activity, and will know what to do in any situation. They will evaluate the appropriate response and handle the crime promptly and correctly.

Customer Service

We are committed to delivering first-class customer service by setting our standards extremely high, especially when it comes to all manner of security and customer service. Our security team have been trained to an extremely high standard, from first aid training to public relations, and we take pride in our impeccable appearance.

Handling Crime

Due to our high security standards we are more than capable of handling any situation in a safe and effective manner. This ensures the crime is dealt with properly. In most cases the crime is prevented before it occurs, due to our diligence and swift action.

Why Work For Us?

We want your time at Gemini Security Team to be both professionally and personally rewarding. That’s why we support you and your family’s physical, mental, and financial well-being.

Helping People
Crisis Training
Work Variety

Security guards at Gemini Security Team are well prepared for emergency situations, including fire prevention and first aid. This kind of training is essential for us and extremely valuable in any situation, whether at work or at home.

In addition to our crisis training, gaining valuable experience in dealing with a variety of situations makes you better equipped for challenges you may face in life. Helping others and the ability to keep people safe are valuable skills to obtain.

Working at Gemini Security Team means varied work! Our wide range of clients require many different security arrangements. Some situations require excellent observation skills in a more stationary position, while another situation may require lots of activity with patrols and customer interaction.

At Gemini Security Team, customer service is paramount and part of the job. Dealing with customers in a firm and polite manner helps a lot with customer relations. Offering assistance to those in need and being the first point of call in a situation is important, and one of the most rewarding parts of the job.