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  • We can secure important and large scale events such as sporting events, festivals and music concerts. At all times we ensure the safety and security of people and premises at such gatherings by providing a highly visible security presence. Our staff will carry out foot or vehicle patrols, control access at points of entry, secure equipment and people, respond to emergency situations and help to identify and prevent criminal activity.


Manned Guarding

  • We supply manned guards to a variety of industries throughout the UK from construction or retail sites to health, education and beyond. Whether a high or low profile presence is required we can supply a package to suit your needs and wants.



  • At Gemini Security Team we are able to provide staff to a variety of venues across the UK. With today's legal requirements, any planned event needs to have crowd management teams, stewards, pit teams and security


Door Supervisors

  • We supply SIA security services, with licensed and experienced door supervisors who have a deep understanding of licensing rules and regulations. This ensures peace of mind for staff and guests in any venue.
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Why Choose Our Services?

Gemini Security Team provide each client with a high quality service, spanning many industries such as construction, hospitality, corporate, health and education sectors. Our services include manned guard services, door security, mobile patrols and more.

At Gemini Security Team we supply Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed personnel.  SIA licensing ensures that private security operatives are ‘fit and proper’ persons who are properly trained and qualified to do their job.  We regularly supply SIA security services to the hospitality industry such as nightclubs, bars or pubs, and any other premises that require our expert staff.

We also provide security for corporate businesses. Our staff are trained to suit individual clients needs and wants, including the company’s public image and manner.

In education, are staff are specifically trained to provide security in a variety of academic settings such as colleges and universities.

In the health sector, our operatives are currently supporting NHS trusts in England & Wales in a number of different roles.

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